todas las herramientas que necesitas
para manejar tu negocio facilmente

clientes y contratos

Manage your customers and contacts in one place. Organize all aspects of the business relationship in one place.

proveedores y compras

Manage providers, contacts, purchase orders, payables and track items received in a breeze. Your purchases update your inventory on hand as well!


Define your products and services and organize them into categories. Upload pictures to add on your proposals, setup sales prices and income accounts.

soporte y servicio al cliente

We know the sale doesn't end when they receive the items! A case manager with work orders, tasks, calls, emails and other activity tracking was a must!

administracion de contratos

Do you operate under agreements with your customers? You will love our contract manager with automatic billing!

facturacion y cobros

Generate invoices using predefined products, track multiple types of taxes, receive payments and report on customer's balances.


Start the business relationship the right way, with a professional and efficient proposal system that allows you to track and follow up on your opportunities.


Information is worthless if you cannot report on it, so we have included a ton of reports, and the ability to filter, export and manipulate any list in excel as well.