de negocios
facil y gratuita

todas las herramientas que necesitas
para administrar tu negocio en un solo
lugar y totalmente gratuitas*

administrar clientes

Crea clientes y registrar direcciones y contactos. Prepara estimados y propuestas, defina contractos y mas!

facturacion y cobros

Genere facturas for tiempo y materiales, manualmente o desde estimados y contratos, y lleve control de pagos y balances.

administracion de contratos

Configura y administre contratos por alquileres o servicios con facturación automatica, administración de servicio y soporte, pagos, envios y renovaciones automáticas.

sistema flexible de modulos

Incrementa las capacidades del sistema con modulos adicioneas incluyendo administracion de inventario, integracion con pagos online y mas!

Elige el plan perfecto

Queremos crecer contigo, por eso hemos creado planes que se alinean con tu negocio a medida que este crece. A medida que agregas clientes y activas modulos, tu plan va a cambiar gradulamente. Queremos que pagues solo por lo que necesitas.



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Frequently asked questions

We love our product and we think you will love it as well! That is why we offer a FREE plan, so you can test the system, see if it will adapt to your business and if the functionality is what you were expecting before you commit any money to it. You will not be even requested a Credit Card when you sign up! Once you are ready to pull the trigger, you can upgrade your plan. If you never reach the 50 users, you can use our system for FREE for ever.

We consider a point of sale (POS) every billing location you create. If you have only one location, then a point of sale will be that location. If you operate out of multiple offices, you will use a billing POS for each location. You can also have multiple POS at the same location, by using POS numbers. For example, if you have multiple cashiers, each one could bill from their own billing POS

Customer is each person or company you do business with. I our system, customer can be active or inactive, but cannot be deleted. Each one of our plans counts the number of customers that you have entered in our system regardless of its current status.

We think you will love this one! Imagine that you are growing and you would like to allow other people to operate a business under your own brand and have some oversight on their performance, while providing each one of them their own independent management system and you just need the system to enable you to do it. Entering Altronics 360. Here you have the control, you set the parameters, you have centralized reporting and inventory views, while your Franchisees can operate their business independently. Now your business can grow beyond your wildest dreams!

Easy! Just create a free account, test the waters and get going, before you know it Altronics 360 will be the tool you cannot live without!

Of course, we would love your referrals, but wait! Do not tell them before you sign up for our Partner Program. Our Partners earn commissions by referring friends and business relationships to us, and promoting our tool in all social media channels.

Visit our Partner Program page for more details.