Address objects are used through the system to identify the company, on top of different documents, to identify users and equipment location, and more.

There are 4 types of address objects:

  • Point of Sale. These are addresses where you sell your services and products, also known as places of business or branches.
  • Warehouse. These are addresses where you store equipment, items and supplies.
  • Work Address. These address are locations where employees work, like offices or other locations that would not qualify as warehouse or point of sale.
  • Franchise Main (when your plan is Franchiser level).

Additionally, Main Address is used to identify the legal address of the company, can only be used once and it is assigned to the address that was used to subscribe to the service.

To add a new address, click on the + icon on the top right side of the screen and complete the pop-up form that is presented. You will enter here the address name, which you will use to identify the location through the system, address details, type, and phone number at this location. Click add to submit the form.

To edit an address object, click on the [edit] icon in the Actions column. A pop-up with the address information is displayed where you can update the address information. Click on update to submit the form.

Addresses cannot be deleted, but you can disable them by clicking on the green icon under the actions column. Disabling an address will prevent it from showing up on the different address selectors through the system.

You can export or filter the address list using the appropriate action icons on the top right corner of the screen.

If there are too many addresses in the list, the system will break them into pages, that you can navigate using the previous and next arrows on the bottom right corner of the list.