Employees are all the people that work for you and will be named at any point over the relationship with the customer.

Employees are assigned a password and can log on to the system. Depending on your plan, you may have from 1 user (you) to unlimited users.

If you reach the maximum number of users allowed, the system will not let you add new employees until you upgrade to the next plan.

To add an employee, click on the + sign located on the top right side of the list; a pop-up form will allow you to enter all the information about the employee as well as its location (the address object), access groups the user belongs to and notifications the user will receive.

Access control groups are populated from the General Settings section, Access Groups tab. A user effective set of permissions is the sum of all the permissions granted to the groups he belongs to. In that sense, if the user belongs to two groups that have different settings for a particular action, for example, a group that allows creating invoices, and a group that doesn’t allow to create invoices, the user’s effective permission will include creating invoices as an action that he can perform.

When a user is created, it will receive an activation email with a link. The account must be activated by the user before they can log in to the system.

At any moment, you can prevent a user from using the system by disabling their account using the green switch on the user record. It is not possible to delete a user.

To modify any information regarding the users you have created, you can click the edit icon under the actions column of the employee record.

You can filter and export the list of users using the icons on the top right side of the screen.