Products and Services

Products and Services are organized into categories. Everything that you buy or sell through the system will be defined in this section.

Categories can be nested in subcategories to allow for granular organization of products and services.

You will manage the categories in the left column of the screen. Use the search field on the top of the list to help you find a particular category.

To add a category click on the + sign located on the top right corner of the list and fill up the pop-up form with the category name and, if this is a subcategory, the parent category. Use the add button to submit the form.

To add products to a category, click on the category name on the left. Products will be listed on the right column of the screen. You can add a product by clicking on the + button located in the top right corner of the list. To filter the list, click on the funnel icon to display the filter form, select your parameters and apply the filter.

New Product or Service

There are a number of sections on the product definition form that are important. First, you must determine if this is a tangible item (Goods) or a Service. The difference between them is that Service will not have any inventory option even if the inventory module is enabled. Once an item has been categorized as goods or services, this selection cannot be changed.

Then you will enter the product name, SKU, category, and unit of sale and select if there will be sales tax charged to this item.

The next step is the sales and expense information related to the item. Sales information is required and involves the price that you normally sell the item, the income account to track sales of this item, and the description of the item. The price entered is the default sales price, but it can be changed when creating an invoice or quote.

The cost information includes the price you paid last for the item, to cost of goods account to track the expense when buying the item, and the description from the manufacturer. There are all optional but recommended.

The long description is used in catalogs and proposals and will be displayed along with the pictures if entered.

When the inventory module is enabled, you will be able to mark the item as part of the inventory system and enable tracking of information related to location and quantities available of the item.

You can now upload up to 3 images for each product. If you upload a product, you are required to include a picture title (or caption) as well.

You can now save the product using the Add button.

Editing a product is a very similar process, with the exception of the type of service that cannot be changed. Since services cannot be inventoried, when you edit a service you will not be able to enable inventory at this point. To edit a  product or service, from the list of products click on the Edit icon and fill up the pop-up form with the updated information. Click on the Update button to save the information.

Once created, you cannot delete a product, but you can disable them by clicking on the green dot on the actions column.