Our system offers a template system to standardize repeatedly used terms and conditions, descriptions, or email notifications.

Templates are organized in sections:

  • Quote Templates
  • Contract Templates
  • Work Order Templates

Additionally, if you have the email module enabled, there is a section for Email Notifications Templates. To see how to use any template that you have created, please refer to the specific documentation that the template belongs to.

To create a template, navigate to the template type tab and click on the + sign on the right top side of the list to open the new template form.

The information required includes a template name, which is used to identify the template at the moment that you need to select it for use; a template title, which will be shown when printing the document to paper as the title of the text that follows; and the template body that is the actual text you want to print.

The template body supports formatting of the text including font style, unnumbered and numbered lists, indentation, and field merging. Field merging allows you to use variables related to the document you are creating, like the company name of the recipient, or the title and number of the document you are creating. You can insert variables by clicking on the variable name. The variable name will be shown in the body of the text in between brackets like {!customer_first_name}. When the fields are inserted in the body of the text, they are later replaced with the actual value that is represented.